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Achieve category dominance on Amazon through premium SEO and PPC marketing. Run by real humans who want to see you crush it as badly as you do.

↪ Or at least see if we’re a good fit.
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Did you know:
You can have low ACoS
and still be losing money?

An effective strategy for winning sales on Amazon factors in multiple metrics, including TACoS, organic ranking, and overall profitability. Looking at ACoS alone is not enough.

It takes more than low ACoS to succeed on Amazon.

With millions of sellers and an ever-changing algorithm, Amazon is a tough place to compete, and an even tougher place to dominate. The wrong strategy could land you a low ranking — and that’s bad news,

Billy.  (Expensive bad news.)

There’s Nothing Artificial About our Intelligence

AI is great for generating keywords and optimizing a campaign, but try something a tad more sophisticated? Ah, you’ll quickly find you need real-life humans for that.

Luckily, our account managers are 100% verified humans! They can do distinctly human things like strategize, apply common sense, understand algorithm nuances, develop workarounds, and think outside the box.

They’ll customize strategic campaigns to help you efficiently scale your brand and outrank your competitors.

We Monitor Your Metrics Like Overprotective Parents.

We keep a close watch on organic + PPC sales for your overall brand and for each individual ASIN, adjusting our strategy accordingly. Then we do it again. And again. Until you’re category royalty 👑.

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Ad Sales



Ad Spend

Organic Sales Vs. Ad Sales

Bid Management

Organic Ranking

“Unquestionable expertise, tremendous
dedication to performance.”

I’ve been working with Isaac and our account manager, David, across several brands for the past year.  Their expertise is unquestionable, but more importantly, their dedication to performance is tremendous.  Whenever working with them on aggressive goals, they offer meaningful feedback on how to achieve them or pushback based on a strong understanding of the market.  IG PPC is both an excellent strategic partner and performance owning partner and I am looking forward to continuing our partnership.      

Mike Frekey

Head Of Advertising, Perch

Our gift to you:
A Refreshingly Straightforward Experience

Discovery Call

A quick discovery call lets us see if our business and yours are a good fit. (No commitment, just introductions.)


With a deep analysis of your account and market, we pinpoint ways to increase sales and reduce wasted expenses. (Savings start right here.)


We assign a dedicated account manager to outline your goals and objectives with you on a simple intake sheet. (Quick, easy, and effective.)

Onboarding Call

In a Zoom call with your account manager, you’ll diligently review products and their goals, making sure that everyone’s on the same page. Then we take the time with you to design a campaign that actually converts. (Isn’t it nice to have this off your head?)


We'll rename, close, and optimize existing campaigns, while creating new ones that align with your goals. Our team keeps a close watch on performance and checks in weekly to give you updates. (You get to focus solely on growing your business.)

Agency Expertise Meets In-House Dedication.

Since we’re a small, tightly-run agency, you get the best of both worlds: agency-quality performance with the accessibility, convenience, and commitment of an in-house team.

You’ll get your account manager’s phone and WhatsApp numbers right off the bat, and you can always expect a quick response.

Let us become an extension of your team.

We’ll bring the good times. And the results.

But we think you’ll like working with us for other reasons, too.

Dedicated Account Manager

You get a single account manager who is eager to see you succeed and knows every detail of your brand down to the ASIN level. You get tailored guidance based on your unique market opportunities.

Responsive Communication

You can count on quick responses to your phone calls, emails, and even WhatsApps. Because we know timing can be everything for your campaign’s performance. And we won’t take a risk.

Holistic Approach

We explore your product from every possible angle, from the big picture down to the nitty-gritty minutiae. We’re focused on increasing your overall profit margin — not just bringing down your ACoS.

All-Inclusive Strategy

We track every relevant metric in a detailed monthly report. We’ll never say, “That’s indirectly related, so it’s not our department.” If it impacts your business, we’ll make it our department.

Deep Expertise

Our account managers are specialists who constantly sharpen their skills through professional training. Incorporating proven strategy on Amazon is what they do. (And what we’ve been doing together for over a decade.)

US-Based Team

Every member of our team works in our New York office. For you, that means smoother collaboration with partners who share your time zone, cultural reference points, and professional values.

“Hands-down the smartest move for my business.”

I’m not sure who cares more about my business, me or my Account Manager, David. These guys are totally on our team, doing somersaults to get us the results we want. Our ACoS has never been this low — ever, and our overall revenue has never been this high. Working with IG PPC was hands-down the smartest move for my business.

 Aron Rottenberg

Head of E-commerce, Scrub-It

It’s a jungle out there.
Just follow our lead.

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