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An Amazon start-up CPG brand reached out for help with scaling their Amazon sales. They have had their DTC strategy all figured out, but on Amazon, they were struggling. A client of ours recommended to them our Amazon PPC agency and they wanted to work with us to help with their Amazon PPC and organic sales.

The Challenge: 

We had many challenges with this brand.

  • They are in a competitive category dominated by sellers with thousands of reviews. We were the new kid on the block.
  • The Cost-Per-Click in this category is very expensive, and they struggled to have a decent ROAS.
  • 70% of their sales came from PPC, and only 30% were organic. We needed to change that.

The Strategy:

To combat all this, we knew that we needed to get ranked organically for the top keywords on Amazon. This was a lofty goal in a category like this, as the top keywords have a very high search volume and are very competitive. We advised our client to redo some of their main product page images on the product in order to improve CVR. We used all 1P tools from Amazon, such as Search Query Performance, Product Opportunity Explorer, and Brand Analytics, to gather the top Amazon keywords we should go after. We created ranking campaigns and went very aggressive after them. We also advised our client to create lightning deals and 7-day deals in order to be competitive on price. Slowly but surely, we started seeing results. We tracked all keywords in Helium10 and started ranking in the top 10 on keyword after keyword.

The results:

The results were astonishing. We did around $2.1M in 2022 and over $11 Million in 2023 in Amazon sales!

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