Hands-on PPC Management

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For brands: Amazon PPC Management and Walmart Advertising to help you scale with ease

For aggregators: Pre-and post-acquisition audits to ensure profitable acquisitions


Outpace the competition, ASAP

We won’t keep telling you it “takes time” to see results.


Our intake process starts with intensive preliminary research on your brand, products, and market. We collect data about the overall competitive market, your specific competitors, and, most importantly, keywords on Amazon.


PPC success is 20% budget, 80% strategy. We take the time to clearly understand your target market and revenue goals. Want to decrease ACoS? Decrease TACos? Increase sales? Improve keyword ranking? We custom craft your ad campaign to meet your needs.

Campaign Setup and Management

Your expert account manager manually sets up your campaigns with greatest care and attention to detail. We closely monitor your metrics and tweak your bids to eliminate poor-performing keywords and ensure maximum ROI and increased conversions.

Growth Tracking

We take a holistic approach to understand the health of your business. We manually optimize your account on a weekly basis to eliminate wasted expenditures, drive more sales, and decrease ad spend. Your bottom line is the metric of our success.


Transparency is key to our company's success. Transparency means reporting all results and metrics. You get monthly, in-depth reports to keep you informed and up to date on the progression and effectiveness of your PPC campaigns on Amazon.

“Every move was strategic — we experienced supergrowth.”

One of the things that we loved about IG PPC is their commitment to making us happy. Their commitment to working with us. Their commitment to hearing someone else’s point of view. They are super organized. We had weekly meetings and got detailed monthly reports that I had never seen before, with budgets, daily upkeep, and more. We experienced super growth in the company. Every single move was done strategically and was communicated so we were in the loop. We didn’t just give a credit card and receive a monthly report. It was collaborative. They were our partners.

Eli Papier

Marketing Director, Care Touch


We step in. You step up.

Win with Walmart

  • - Campaign setup and optimization
    - Keyword research
    - Monthly reporting

  • - Niche trends and competition
  • - Top ASINs’ BSR Trends
  • - Market share
  • - Organic Keyword Ranking Sustainability
  • - Identifying opportunities

  • - PPC strategy setup
  • - 80/20 strategy
  • - Identifying opportunities

“IG PPC enabled our successful and highly profitable exit.”

Before working with IG PPC, our ACoS was sky high and our bottom line was suffering. I was waiting for something to happen, but month after month the graphs were declining. Once IG PPC came on board there was a rapid and complete turnaround. Ultimately, it was because of IG PPC that we were able to have a successful and highly profitable exit.

Naftali Jacobowitz

CEO, Hertzko

Crazy low ACoS.
Crazy high performance.
Crazy happy brands.
You in?