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Why Trust Us?

What is Walmart Advertising?

Walmart Advertising is the fastest shortcut for brands and merchants to reach millions of Walmart customers, both online and in-store.

Targeted ads can help optimize product visibility, drive sales, and develop quickly on the Walmart marketplace.

Why Should You Invest in Walmart Sponsored Ads?

Your Products Need a Spotlight. We’re Here to Help You Get That!

Why settle for the last spot in Walmart’s virtual aisles? With Sponsored Ads, we can bring your products to the top of the search results so that high-intent shoppers can easily discover what you offer.


And It Does Not End There!

Walmart Sponsored Ads can positively impact your organic product ranking. This means you can continue to be discovered by buyers, even when the ad campaigns take a breather. That’s a double jackpot!


Walmart Advertising Just Got Easier

Walmart Sponsored Products – Search In-Grid Ads

  • - Bringing your products to the top of the search results list
  • - Expertly selecting high-intent search phrases
  • - Ensuring every advertising dollar is used to its fullest capacity
Walmart Sponsored Products – Carousel Ads

  • - Show off your top-rated product range in one eye-catching ad
  • - Encourage your target audience to browse your full catalog
  • - Boost interest and increase conversions all at once
Walmart Sponsored Products – Buy Box Banner

  • - Reach your buyers easily when they're ready to buy
  • - Outperform the competition online and close more sales
  • - Increase visibility to maximize your bottom line
Walmart Sponsored Brand Ads

  • - The exposure that gets people talking about your brand
  • - Spotlight on your store to direct customers to your product listings
  • - A loyal following that drives repeat business
Walmart Sponsored Video Ads

  • - Showing your products in action, not just in photographs
  • - Using high-quality video content to stand out from the crowd
  • - Giving buyers a sneak peek at what makes your products so amazing
Walmart On-Site Sponsored Display Ads

  • - Give subtle reminders to help customers recall your brand
  • - Re-engage customers who have already expressed interest
  • - Show up on product pages and other key sections of the Walmart website

We Monitor Your Metrics Like Overprotective Parents.

We keep a close watch on organic + PPC sales for your overall brand and for each individual ASIN, adjusting our strategy accordingly. Then we do it again. And again. Until you’re category royalty 👑.

Total Sales

Ad Sales



Ad Spend

Organic Sales Vs. Ad Sales

Bid Management

Organic Ranking

How Does Walmart's Advertising Platform Differ from Other Major Retailers?

All About The “Shopper-tunity”

With Walmart, you can think beyond the screen. Online targeting is not the only option. You can gain double exposure by connecting your Sponsored Ads to in-store purchases, where the platform remains undisputed.

Massive In-Store Data

This goes without saying that Walmart is one of the world’s biggest brick-and-mortar store networks. The platform contains vast insights on what, where, and how are shoppers buying worldwide - and YOU can leverage the data (on a need-to-know basis) with Sponsored Ads.

Hello, Precision Targeting!

Are you still bidding for placement slots on other platforms? Walmart’s keyword targeting is precise because you’re only bidding on the search terms that shoppers look up most often. Talk about bang for your buck, right?

Modern Walmart Advertising Techniques

We do A LOT of research before running any campaign advertisements. Mostly, we spend our time discovering industry trends and high-converting keywords.


We've never been a fan of generic, cookie-cutter advertising. We customize our techniques to your specific goals, like increasing revenue or dominating organic rankings.

Campaign Setup and Management

This is not an automated process. Every campaign is meticulously crafted by your dedicated account manager so that every ad reaches the biggest possible audience for the best results.

Growth Tracking

Here comes the best part. Our team loves tracking and optimizing. We are obsessed with data, optimizing bids to reduce wasted spending and increase your bottom line.


Straight stats, no jargon. We provide easy-to-understand monthly reports so you can stay informed about how your ad campaigns are performing.

When we say white-glove service — we mean it.

When we say we pride ourselves on providing a smooth customer experience,
we’re not just blah-blah-ing. Customer service is one of our core business values,
infused into our every practice: how we manage your account, how we communicate,
and how we structure our process.

Bottom line: every detail of how we work is designed to demonstrate
to you how much we care.

“Unquestionable expertise, tremendous
dedication to performance.”

I’ve been working with Isaac and our account manager, David, across several brands for the past year.  Their expertise is unquestionable, but more importantly, their dedication to performance is tremendous.  Whenever working with them on aggressive goals, they offer meaningful feedback on how to achieve them or pushback based on a strong understanding of the market.  IG PPC is both an excellent strategic partner and performance owning partner and I am looking forward to continuing our partnership.      

Mike Frekey

Head Of Advertising, Perch

What have you got to lose —

except some potential extra zeros?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some burning questions about Walmart Advertising:

How Much Should I Spend on Walmart Ads to Start with?

For Sponsored Product ads, Walmart requires a minimum monthly spend of $1,000 and a $100 daily minimum spend. Even if there are minimums, it's a good idea to begin with a limited initial investment, especially if you've never advertised with Walmart. This way, you can experiment and gain knowledge without taking unnecessary risks. Start with a budget between $1,000 and $2,000 for your first month. At IG PPC, we believe sponsored ads should initially account for 2-5% of your sales revenue, i.e., $2500 for a $50,000 revenue. This helps set a baseline for your Walmart ad budget within your entire marketing budget.

How Should I Finalize a Walmart Advertising Service?

Honestly, a lot of thought goes into choosing a Walmart advertising service. First, Narrow down your target market, final budget, and marketing goals. Do some research on different agencies, paying attention to their success stories, pricing strategies, and expertise with Walmart advertisements. To ensure a good fit, compare bids, check references, and ask the right questions. Once you've chosen the right agency, set clear goals and establish KPIs to measure success.

What Are the Next Steps?

Sales Revenue Like You’ve Never Seen Before. Stop trying to catch up and outpace the competition with Sponsored Ads. Ready to step up? At IG PPC, we can help you champion Walmart sales like a boss - book a free consultation call today.