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Why Trust Us?

What is Amazon PPC Management?

Amazon PPC isn’t rocket science; it’s trickier. And you want to make every click count, not just cost.

Great Amazon PPC management will turn your ACoS nightmares into a profitable reality. It means setting budgets, selecting keywords, analyzing performance data, and adjusting strategies to make your products more visible.

Want PPC management strategies sharper than a prime-time ad slot?

What Are Amazon Sponsored Products Ads?

Wish your products could jump off the shelf into shopping carts? With Amazon Sponsored Products ads, they can. These pay-to-play, click-to-win ads put your products front and center, right where it counts – in the Amazon search results and on the prime real estate of product pages.

Bid on keywords your customers use, and only pay when they click. It’s how you ensure your products are seen and snapped up faster.

Did you know:
Paid ads can boost your
organic ranking in search results?

All the visibility, sales, and sales velocity from PPC campaigns translate into organic success in the long run.

How Can Amazon PPC Help Grow Your Business?

Amazon PPC is your backstage pass to the spotlight. It helps you boost product visibility, zero in on the right customers, and transform your sales. Plus, its rich data insights will sharpen your strategies.

Higher sales? Check.

Better rankings? Double-check.

We Monitor Your Metrics Like Overprotective Parents

Amazon PPC Services That Drive Real Results

Amazon PPC Management

  • - Tailored campaign optimization
  • - Strategic keyword harvesting
  • - Regular performance analysis
  • - Ongoing bid adjustments
Amazon Sponsored Product Ads

  • - High-intent keyword targeting
  • - Product-focused placement
  • - Cost-effective bidding strategies
  • - Detailed performance tracking
Amazon DSP Management

  • - Cross-platform ad placements
  • - Audience discovery and insights
  • - Precision interest-based targeting
  • - Comprehensive campaign analysis


About Our Amazon PPC Management Process at IG PPC

1. Discovery Call

We kick things off with a no-strings-attached chat. It’s fast. It’s free. It’s where we figure out if we’re a match made in PPC heaven.

2. Deep-Dive Audit

Our audit isn’t just thorough; it’s forensic. We uncover inefficiencies, scout out untapped opportunities, and benchmark against competitors. We examine keyword effectiveness, ad spend waste, and conversion rates. That’s how we identify exactly where your money could work harder and smarter. Start saving before you even spend.

3. Intake Precision

Meet your PPC expert — a dedicated account manager who’s all about setting the stage for your success. Together, you'll hammer out goals that aren’t just about getting by but getting ahead. Streamlined, strategic, and oh-so-slick

4. Strategic Onboarding Call

This call is where strategy meets substance. You'll fine-tune the campaign’s blueprint with your account manager, aligning product goals with market realities. This session is about building an ambitious and achievable battle plan. Your campaign; tailor-made.

5. Proactive Maintenance

Time to get you the lion’s share. We continuously optimize your campaigns by adjusting keywords, refining bid strategies, and cutting off any ad spend drift. Health checks and tweaks ensure your campaigns run at full throttle. Plus, with regular performance audits, you’re always in the driver’s seat. Optimized, monitored, and relentlessly improved.

When we say white-glove service — we mean it.

When we say we pride ourselves on providing a smooth customer experience,
we’re not just blah-blah-ing. Customer service is one of our core business values,
infused into our every practice: how we manage your account, how we communicate,
and how we structure our process.

Bottom line: every detail of how we work is designed to demonstrate
to you how much we care.

“One of the most knowledgeable and trustworthy voices in the Amazon space.”

Isaac has proven himself one of the most knowledgeable and trustworthy voices in the Amazon space. I’ve personally met with many of his happy clients — owners of impressive brands.  Isaac has also been a resource for me when I have questions regarding new happenings in the Amazon world.

Jesse Hom

Head of Partnerships, Acquco

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Benefits of Working With a Trusted Amazon PPC Management Agency

Ditch the Learning Curve

You don’t know how to dominate the marketplace. And you can’t sit around learning with your pockets draining. A trusted Amazon PPC management agency will help you skip the endless tutorials. Let experts crush your Amazon goals. You do what you know better!

Get a Winning Strategy

When an Amazon PPC pro manages your campaigns, they see the big picture, not just isolated metrics. So, forget wishful thinking. Get a strategy that takes your click-through rates from meh to Metallica concert and makes you profit like it’s Prime Day.

Make the Most of Your Spending

Tired of feeding the ad monster without seeing results? An Amazon PPC agency will turn your ad spend into a profit engine, optimizing every penny for peak performance. Watch your ACoS plummet while you spend like a (not broke) boss.

Sleep Easy While You Sell Hard

Kick back and relax while experts handle the grind. From campaign setup to ongoing optimization, your agency will have your back. You’ll get frequent updates with detailed analytics and data-based strategic adjustments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No Fluff, Just Facts

Why Should I Use an Amazon PPC Service?

An Amazon PPC service will tune your ads to perform like a chart-topping hit. It will give you more visibility, more sales, and less headache. In short, it will reduce your ACoS and maximize your ROI.

How Long Does IG PPC Take for Amazon Ads to Work?

PPC success takes 20% budget and 80% strategy. At IG PPC, we take the time to know your market and exact revenue goals. Then, we custom-craft your ad campaign to meet your needs, and results will show up pretty fast after that.

How Much Does Hiring a PPC Management Agency Cost?

Paying a PPC management agency is like investing in a winning lottery ticket. You’re not just spending money. And it’s not a set-in-stone number. But the ROI? It can be spectacular. Curious? Schedule your no-cost, comprehensive PPC consultation now with our Amazon ads agency. We’ll connect and talk numbers.