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What is Amazon PPC Audit?

An Amazon PPC audit is a deep analysis that helps you zap hidden costs and launch your ads into profit overdrive. Want to ditch the dead-weight keywords and unearth keyword gems instead? Let’s run an audit, and you’ll snag actionable insights to squeeze every ounce of value from your ad spend.

What Does a PPC Audit Include?

Here’s what gets the microscope:

Performance Metrics

Looking at your click-through rates (CTR), conversion rates, cost per click (CPC), and overall return on ad spend (ROAS), we show you exactly what you need to do to move the needle.

Ad Spend Efficiency

We sniff out hidden costs and get your budget to work overtime for you. The goal is to turn it into a lean, not mean spending machine.

Keyword Analysis

First, we check your current keywords to ditch the duds. Then, we find keyword gems to make your ads shine brighter than Bezos’ smile.

Structural Review

Our PPC specialists will tear down and rebuild your campaign structures for optimal efficiency. With this structure shakeup, your campaigns will hit harder, smarter, and more often.

Competitive Analysis

We peek at what your rivals are up to so you can snag their best moves and leave them in the PPC dust. What?! It’s legal to spy on your competitors.

Ad Copy & Creative Evaluation

Judging your ads like it’s an art show, our experts will decide which ones scream “TAKE MY MONEY!” Only the best creatives survive.

Bid Strategy Assessment

Like a stock trader, we analyze your bidding strategies for maximum ROI. We’ll pump up your strategy to cut the flab and make sure you’re not overpaying to win the clicks.

PPC Audit Checklist

So, how do we get your Amazon PPC campaigns not just running but sprinting ahead of the competition? We usually go through this neat checklist and look at your:


Conversion rate



Budget leakage

Cost allocation

Current keyword performance

New keyword opportunities

Negative keywords

Campaign structure

Segmentation strategy

Targeting tactics

Competitor strategy


Competitor gap

Ad texts

Visual content

A/B testing records

Bid strategy

Benefits of Amazon Ads Audit for Your Online Store

1. Boost Campaign Performance

Fine-tune your campaigns and turn ads into conversion machines that work harder, so you don’t have to.

2. Slash Wasteful Spending

Pinpoint where you’re overspending and redirect funds from underperforming ads to those that bring in the bucks.

3. Outsmart Your Rivals

Analyze what your competitors are up to and grab market share and customers right from under their noses.

4. Enhance Ad Relevance

We kick things off with a no-strings-attached chat. It’s fast. It’s free. It’s where we figure out if we’re a match made in PPC heaven.

5. Discover New Opportunities

Dig up hidden gems within your campaigns. Uncover untapped keywords and market segments to expand your reach.

6. Optimize ROI

Maximize returns on every dollar spent by streamlining your ad strategies and improving efficiency.

We Monitor Your Metrics Like Overprotective Parents.

We keep a close watch on organic + PPC sales for your overall brand and for each individual ASIN, adjusting our strategy accordingly. Then we do it again. And again. Until you’re category royalty 👑.

Total Sales

Ad Sales



Ad Spend

Organic Sales Vs. Ad Sales

Bid Management

Organic Ranking

How Often Should I Conduct an Amazon PPC Audit?

If your Amazon PPC campaigns could talk,

They would tell you: Audit us quarterly or, at least…

  1. Following major inventory or strategy changes
  2. After significant platform updates
  3. Before high sales periods

When we say white-glove service — we mean it.

When we say we pride ourselves on providing a smooth customer experience,
we’re not just blah-blah-ing. Customer service is one of our core business values,
infused into our every practice: how we manage your account, how we communicate,
and how we structure our process.

Bottom line: every detail of how we work is designed to demonstrate
to you how much we care.

What Common Issues Can an Amazon PPC Audit Reveal?

Wasted Ad Spend

You could be hemorrhaging cash on clicks that never convert.

Poor Keyword Performance

Some keywords are just taking up space and not pulling their weight in sales.

Inadequate Bid Strategy

Your bids might be either breaking the bank or snoozing on opportunities.

Suboptimal Campaign Structure

If your campaign structure is a maze with no exits, it leads your ads nowhere fast.

Ineffective Ad Copy or Creative

When ad copy and visuals fail to grab attention, you’ve got to make them impossible to ignore.

Neglected Negative Keywords

Overlooking negative keywords can make your campaigns attract all the wrong clicks.

Overlapping Target Audiences

Your campaigns might be tripping over each other, competing for the same eyes instead of expanding your reach.

Poor Conversion Tracking

Inaccurate conversion tracking could cause you to make decisions based on faulty data.

It’s a jungle out there.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No Fluff, Just Facts

What Are the Costs Associated with IG PPC’s Amazon PPC Audit Service?

Booking your Amazon PPC audit service with IG PPC is completely free. Schedule this no-cost, comprehensive PPC consultation now and quit playing Goldilocks with your bids. We’ll look at your strategy and tell you whether it snoozes at opportunities and what the cure is.

What Types of Amazon Sellers Benefit Most from this Audit?

Struggling Amazon sellers, cash-burn victims, and those getting dusted by competitors would benefit the most from an Amazon PPC audit. If that’s you, step right up for it. It’s the first move for turning your ad game from meh to marvelous!

How Does a PPC Audit Help Align Ad Spend with Business Growth Goals?

A PPC audit dissects your current ad spend and identifies inefficiencies. It’s the foundation for restructuring ad campaigns to directly support your specific business growth goals. And it makes every ad dollar push your grand plan forward.