Amazon PPC: How to Find Negative Keywords with Low Click or Sales Data

One of the complex parts of Amazon PPC management is dealing with search terms with less tha

One of the complex parts of Amazon PPC management is dealing with search terms with less than 15-20 clicks and no sales.

When a search term or keyword has 15-20+ clicks, you can either negate it or lower bids on it depending on your strategy, but when it just has a few clicks, we don’t have enough data to let go of that keyword.

If they are relevant, we won’t add them as a negative as they didn’t get enough clicks to prove themselves that they are converting. If they are not relevant, you might want to add them as a negative, but the problem is you can’t do it at scale by going through each search term to see if it is relevant, and a software also won’t know if it is relevant or not.

The amount spent on search terms like this is significant.

Here are 2 ways we deal with this

Increase your Amazon keywords sample size data

Identify a single word that shows up in many low-converting search terms, now with a bigger sample size it’s easier to identify the negative keyword

Now you can add that word as a negative phrase, preventing many low-click non-converting search terms from getting impressions and clicks.

In the image below, we’ll use an example of a sleeping pillow. As you see, the word “travel” appears in many search terms, and we see that this word between different search terms doesn’t convert well.

Look at a longer time frame!

Amazon only gives us 65 days of data on search terms, but if you have saved the data (ideally with software), you can return to longer data periods.

A search term that might have had a few clicks in only 65 days may have 60 clicks when you look at a 12-month period.

Now you have enough data to negate or lower bids.

You can reduce a lot of wasted spending by doing so.

At IG PPC we do this at scale for our Amazon clients, and it helps us cut out a lot of irrelevant spending.




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