Amazon Prime Day PPC Strategy for 2023

Amazon Prime Day 2023 will take place on July 11 & 12. It starts on Tuesday, July 11 at

Amazon Prime Day 2023 will take place on July 11 & 12. It starts on Tuesday, July 11 at 3:00 AM ET to Thursday, July 13 at 3:00 AM ET. It’s a 48-hour event.

Since its inception in 2015, Amazon Prime Day sales have increased exponentially year over year. In 2022 Amazon Prime Day sales revenue was over 12 Billion that’s over 1100% increase from 2015. And it keeps growing.

Over the years we have tried various strategies how to execute the proper Amazon prime day PPC approach. In collaboration with industry leaders and testing many approaches with our clients over the years this is what we have learned and used for our Amazon PPC strategy for our clients on Prime Day. Be aware that not all categories behave the same on Prime Day so some sellers will have to custom tailor their Amazon PPC marketing approach.

We have broken down our Amazon marketing strategy at our Amazon PPC Agency into 3 categories.

Pre-Prime Day PPC

Before prime day overall PPC conversion falls for most Amazon sellers because of customers’ anticipation of better prime day prices. That makes some Amazon sellers want to reduce their Amazon PPC bids or budget to lower their ACOS, however, we strongly suggest against this, because of two reasons first you have to maintain your product ranking and secondly customers start to do a lot of window shopping in anticipation of Prime Day so you want to make sure your products are discoverable so when Prime Day comes around customers will come and make a purchase. So keep sponsored products & sponsored brands keyword bids the same as before.

Optimize your product listing

Go out of your way to go over your entire Amazon product catalog and make sure all your product pages are optimized, that includes product images, item titles, descriptions, highlights, etc.

While having a PPC strategy is great there is nothing better than having great organic traffic. with an increase of millions of shoppers on Amazon’s website on prime day even if you will not increase Amazon ad spend or have any product promotions you can take advantage of the millions of increased shoppers on Amazon during Prime day and get free organic sales. So optimize optimize optimize. This optimization will also serve you well for the upcoming 2023 Christmas holiday shopping.

For more on how to optimize your Amazon product ratings, read our Amazon SEO: How to Optimize and Rank Your Product Listings Higher on Amazon Searches

Should you run promotions on your Amazon products on Prime day?

According to our data analysis running product promotions on Prime Day greatly increased purchase volume. In general, those running promotions had on average a 3.5x increase in sales vs a 1.4 without promotions.

Prime Day PPC: How to manage your Amazon PPC on Prime Day

On Prime Day, some analysts including Amazon suggest that your should increase your bids because of the higher conversion rate, however, we here at the agency found that it is not necessary to increase your Amazon PPC bids, we would rather suggest increasing your budget, because of the huge increase in Amazon shoppers on Prime Day will use up your budget pretty quickly. Generally, we increase our clients’ budget by 100% for those who want to go all out on Prime Day, but we’ll also look at Prime Day’s historical data of how each account performed on previous Prime Days and set the budget accordingly.

Monitor your campaigns and your inventory during Prime Day: It’s important to keep a close eye on your campaigns budget and sales during Prime Day, make sure you don’t run out of budget on your good-performing campaigns, especially if you are running deals because it’s hard to predict how they will perform on Prime Day, so monitoring sales and PPC spend on Prime Day is crucial.

Post Prime Day PPC

Post prime day there is still a residual increase in sales, like some people who waited for prices will go down lower but they didn’t, or just a higher exposure of your product due to a higher amount of shoppers. So we usually try to keep a slightly above bidding budget and monitor closely clicks and sales.

Do a post Prime Day Sales Analysis:

With millions of shoppers on Amazon on Prime Day, a treasure trove of new data will come into your Amazon marketing portal, just like we recommend going over your sales data post-holiday shopping season don’t let your post Prime Day sales data day go to waste. Schedule time to go over the data.

Go over all new search queries.

With millions of more shoppers comes millions of new search queries, which will give you lots of new keyword ideas to add to your campaigns or delete. Also, use it to optimize your product listing keywords.

Go over your promotions

See which promos worked and which didn’t, and write it down for next year.

Why it pays to invest in Prime Day

Increase in sales = increase in rankings

What Amazon wants the most is shoppers conversion, so sales historical data is baked into their A9 algorithm as a positive value to increase that product ranking

Increase in Products reviews

Another benefit of post Prime Day purchases is the new product reviews your will gain on your products which will of course help you with organic traffic and sales conversions. Try to take advantage of Amazon’s “Request a Review” feature after prime day.




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