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(Top 10) Best Amazon PPC Software – Comparison Guide

Does Amazon PPC feel like a tangled mess? That’s a pretty accurate picture, but Amazon PPC

Does Amazon PPC feel like a tangled mess? That’s a pretty accurate picture, but Amazon PPC software could push your products to the first page without overspending!

Of course, there’s a catch. You need to find the right software for Amazon ad management because the wrong one, or relying solely on automation, will blow your budget like a teenager on a shopping spree.

So, how do you pick the software to help you get quick sales, tell Amazon your products are red-hot, and snowball future organic sales?

Read on to discover the top 10 Amazon PPC software solutions that have the potential to save your time, money, and sanity.

TL;DR – 10 Best Amazon PPC Software

Are you in a hurry to know your PPC software for Amazon options? Here they are:

  1. Helium 10 Adtomic
  2. Jungle Scout Cobalt
  3. Quartile
  4. Perpetua (recently acquired Sellic)
  5. Teikametrics
  6. SellerApp
  7. BidX
  8. Ad Badger
  9. PPC Entourage
  10. PPC Ninja

We’ll discuss each in detail below. But know that these tools aren’t magic wands. They won’t build and manage your campaigns without you lifting a finger. Instead, they’ll do the technical grunt work and repetitive tasks.

PPC automation is really about freeing you up to focus on the bigger picture. Do you want automation that understands your brand and aligns with your unique goals and market dynamics? In this case, you’ll need more than just software (and we can help).

We run in-depth human-centric analyses for personalized strategy planning at IG PPC. Our experts will identify key areas where your campaigns can improve and effective ways to slash your ACoS and send your ROI soaring. Schedule a no-cost, comprehensive PPC consultation now.

Close-up of Amazon branding on mobile device.

What is an Amazon PPC Software?

Amazon PPC software can automate most of your PPC ad campaigns’ initial setup and day-to-day management. It’s like having a squad of super-powered assistants at your beck and call. It’s not Amazon PPC on autopilot, but it’s as close as possible.

Some tools rely on bulk-processing power, others use fancy AI-powered rules and a few even have sophisticated black box technology that fine-tunes your campaigns in the background.

Here’s the gist, no matter which option you choose:

  • You’re the mastermind. You set the goals for your PPC campaigns — dream ACoS, budget boundaries, target markets, and even a killer list of initial keywords.
  • The software springs into action. It’ll crank out keyword suggestions, handle ad scheduling, manage your bids, optimize your campaigns, and generate reports.

Making advertising campaigns profitable is all about testing and tracking. These PPC tools excel at this sort of thing.

At its core, a PPC Amazon tool is just an instrument that saves you time and energy. It provides you with data and optimization suggestions, and it can take the lead, but you’ll want to monitor how your money is spent.

Smartphone screen displaying Amazon Prime's 30-day free trial offer.

What to Look for in an Amazon PPC Tool

If PPC data were an endless ocean, doing it all alone would make you feel like a tiny life raft with a single oar. Yeah, manual campaign management can be a real drag. But don’t just grab the first shiny piece of Amazon PPC software you see floating by!

If you’re going to hand over the reins and let a tool manage your budget and bidding, here’s what you should consider:

1. Pricing Structure

Budget surprises can be a blow, especially in Amazon PPC. That’s why you must look for software with a crystal-clear pricing model that fits your budget like a glove.

Whether it’s a flat fee or a slice of your monthly ad spend, knowing the costs upfront will help you avoid financial headaches.

2. Customization and Control

The ability to set more customizable rules, targets, and parameters can make your strategy more effective. These options will help you fine-tune your ads without blowing your budget or derailing your strategic goals.

3. Flexibility and Features

Ideally, you should have automation muscle and customization finesse. You don’t want to give up control of the process completely.

You need a tool that tackles comprehensive campaign management, delivers rock-solid reporting, and serves up insightful analytics that don’t have you scratching your head.

Functionalities like keyword discovery, competitor analysis, and bid management will also be helpful.

4. Seasonal Adaptability

Are you selling pool floats in July? The PPC software should be seasonally savvy, considering your unique product cycles and being sensitive to seasonal trends. This adaptability will help you maintain relevance and competitiveness throughout the year.

Close-up of hands typing on a MacBook on a wooden desk.

5. Level of Automation vs. Human Input

While automation is a significant advantage for Amazon PPC management, you need a degree of human oversight.

You want a co-pilot, not an AI dictator. So, beware of tools that are too automated or opaque and give you minimal or no control options.

6. Comprehensive Bid Management

Great Amazon advertising PPC software must handle bid calculations holistically. It should consider maximum bids, placement optimization, and strategic budget allocation across campaigns.

Bonus points if it has advanced algorithms for nuanced bid management. These algorithms can help align bidding with overall sales and profitability goals.

7. Interface and Data Analysis

A user-friendly interface is a must-have, but not at the expense of thorough data analysis and actionable insights.

Your tool should dive deeply into the relevant data without overwhelming you.

8. Contract Flexibility

The last thing you need is an Amazon PPC tool that locks you in a commitment longer than a bad date. Your business is dynamic, and your software should be, too!

Instead, look for platforms with flexible agreements that let you adapt as your business takes off.

10 Best Amazon PPC Software

Amazon PPC is highly competitive, and the gazillion software automation options can easily confuse you.

To help you sort through it all, we’ve curated a list of the top 10 best Amazon PPC software. Read on to learn about features, pricing models, strengths, and limitations.

If all these feel overwhelming, revive your ad campaigns with a custom, done-for-you PPC recovery plan. You don’t have to use automation software to make your PPC profitable. Our IG PPC experts will work hard to improve your metrics and generate a tangible increase in sales and brand recognition.

1. Helium 10 Adtomic

Helium 10 Adtomic Homepage

Adtomic is Helium 10’s AI-powered tool for optimizing and automating Amazon advertising campaigns. It’s brimming with predefined templates, campaign strategies, and customizable automation tools. And it promises to reduce hours of work to minutes.

Are you looking for an all-encompassing PPC solution that gives you deep analytical insights? This tool might be a great choice.

Best for: Scaling an Amazon business — pricing models and features grow with your business.

Pricing: Helium 10 Adtomic comes with different functionalities as part of the following packages:

  • Diamond: $279/mo
  • Platinum: $99/mo
  • Starter: $39/mo

A 2% fee is assessed when PPC spend exceeds $10K/mo, as detailed on their Help Center.

Top features of Helium 10 Adtomic:

  • AI-powered settings you can view and update — target ACoS, min/max bid, and bid automation
  • Bid rules, such as Lookback Period, Frequency of the rule, or whether the rule is automated
  • Keyword harvest rules with the option to configure Order and Max ACoS Thresholds for each rule
  • Negative targeting rules with the option to configure the Click and Spend Thresholds for each rule
  • Budget rules you can automate or handle manually
  • Three different campaign templates and custom bid algorithms to choose from
  • In-depth performance analytics and reporting
Comprehensive feature setExtensive features may be overwhelming for beginners
User-friendly interface
Data-driven insights
Flexible pricing plans

2. Jungle Scout Cobalt

Jungle Scout Cobalt Homepage

Jungle Scout is another prominent solution provider for Amazon sellers. Their Cobalt Ad Accelerator gives enterprises actionable data and robust advertising automation.

The big promise? This Amazon PPC software for agencies and brands should remove the guesswork and get you more sales from paid ads.

The ad accelerator tool aims to save time and increase ROI with advanced analytics, machine learning (ML) recommendations, and streamlined workflow processes. You can explore the platform here.

Best for: Brands and agencies in need of advanced analytics and automation.

Pricing: Customized, based on specific business needs.

Top features of Jungle Scout’s Cobalt:

  • Unified account management for multiple Amazon ad accounts
  • Bulk editing tools that allow optimizing multiple campaigns at once
  • Customizable automation for budget optimization and targeting precision
  • Dayparting to control ad spend by the hour
  • Real-time performance analytics in a visual dashboard
Great for large brandsNot ideal for small sellers or Amazon PPC beginners
Optimizes campaigns effectivelySignup requires contacting sales; there’s no immediate registration option
Provides deep insights into ad performance
Lets you pay for what you actually need

3. Quartile

Quartile Homepage

Coming from the world’s largest retail media optimization platform, Quartile for Amazon PPC advertising is a sophisticated tool. In 2022, the company won the US Scaled Technology Advertising Award.

Their PPC software relies on six different AI and ML patented technologies to help you automate your ad campaigns. But it also provides hourly updates so you can make adjustments manually.

Best for: Medium to advanced Amazon sellers interested in hourly bidding.

Pricing: Custom, available upon request.

Top features:

  • Automated, AI-powered optimization for each product campaign, with keyword analysis and intelligent budget allocation
  • Integration with every major marketplace for seamless advertising management
  • Real-time, hourly data updates for continuous campaign optimization
  • Comprehensive reporting and attribution to track sales performance, with unified campaign reporting
  • Dedicated client success team for ongoing support
Can manage paid ads across multiple channelsCan overspend on specific keywords and placements if not monitored carefully
Finds keywords at the SKU levelDoesn’t automatically negate keywords that were not profitable
Simplifies campaign oversightNo clear pricing structure
Adjusts bids and placement in real-time

4. Perpetua

Perpetua Homepage

As a long-time successful eCommerce advertising company, Perpetua recently joined forces with Sellics, a previously top-rated Amazon PPC software provider. Therefore, the current version of Perpetua for Amazon PPC is a powerful tool that can automate everything from keyword discovery to bidding.

Best for: Set it and forget it Amazon PPC automation

Pricing: Different monthly packages:

  • Starter: $250 for up to $5K in monthly ad spend and one retail media platform
  • Growth: $550 for up to $10K in monthly ad spend and two retail media platforms
  • Pro: $550 + % of ad spend managed in perpetua for up to $200K in monthly ad spend and unlimited retail media platforms
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

Top features:

  • Automated keyword discovery and migration for targeted campaign expansion
  • Dynamic bid automation to ensure competitive positioning and profitability
  • Advanced keyword optimization to dominate Share of Voice in crucial search terms
  • Customizable, enterprise-level reporting for in-depth performance analysis
  • Access to Perpetua Benchmarker for comparative analysis and actionable insights
  • Video and image builder for creating custom, outstanding ads
Comes with an intuitive interfaceNo rules setting, complete black box
Reporting tools offer deep insightsProhibitive price
Makes your ads more effective with hour-by-hour analysis and bid adjustments

5. Teikametrics

Teikametrics Homepage

Teikametrics has been around since 2015 and has earned a reputation as a provider of reliable market intelligence tools.

This marketplace optimization platform, Flywheel 2.0, leverages AI-powered automation. Teikametrics can completely automate your Amazon PPC advertising workflows. It optimizes SKU-centric campaigns and adjusts your bidding strategies with smart algorithms.

Best for: Multi-channel brand growth

Pricing: Different packages:

  • Basic: Free, mostly for analytics, without campaign automation
  • AI-Powered: From $199 to $499 for monthly ad spend of up to $10K and $499+3% of monthly ad spend above $10K

Top features:

  • Automated campaign creation and optimization for Amazon and Walmart
  • Product Attribute Targeting (PAT) helps redirect competitors’ traffic
  • Dayparting with AI-driven hourly bid adjustments for maximum sales and efficiency
  • Advanced keyword targeting and negation to enhance ad performance
  • Smart ACoS technology for adaptive, goal-oriented advertising strategies
  • Comprehensive data analysis for real-time market and performance insights
Sophisticated AI technologyNo custom rules, hence not suitable for those who need a hands-on approach
Multi-channel capabilityCharges % of ad sales for large advertisers
Can quickly adapt to market changes
Requires limited human administration

6. SellerApp

Sellerapp Homepage

Rather than completely taking over Amazon PPC management and optimization, SellerApp acts as a handy assistant.

It may not offer the most advanced features on the market, but it focuses on rule-based automation. Because it includes keyword research and listing optimization, it provides real value for optimizing PPC campaign efficiency.

Even though it works with rules, you’ll still have to monitor its day-to-day functioning to maximize this tool.

Best for: Low-budget, hands-on Amazon PPC optimization

Pricing: Ads automation is only available with the Smart Plan with Automation, starting at $149/month with a 14-day trial

Top features:

  • Rule-based automation for easy campaign optimization and management
  • AI-based keyword harvesting and negative keyword optimization to enhance campaign effectiveness
  • Bulk operations for quick and efficient adjustments across multiple campaigns
  • Advanced dayparting to strategically allocate ad budgets based on peak performance times
  • Comprehensive custom reports providing actionable insights for informed decision-making
AffordableMore limited automation features compared to other tools
Lets you set automation rules
Can make quick adjustments across multiple campaigns at once
Supports a wide range of Amazon global marketplaces for international sellers

7. BidX

BidX Homepage

BidX is an ad creation and management platform. This option suits individual sellers and agencies looking to streamline Amazon PPC campaigns on all marketplaces.

As a certified partner of Amazon, this service provider is particularly appealing and trustworthy. It works through a web app that uses ML algorithms to continuously analyze your ads’ performances. It also makes your PPC more profitable while saving you time.

Best for: Big sellers, especially those in Europe looking for local support

Pricing: The self-service platform starts at $295 + 3% of monthly ad spend, with a 14-day free trial. Plenty of add-ons are available.

Top features:

  • Machine-learning algorithms for real-time bid and keyword optimization
  • “1-Click Setup” for simplified campaign creation across multiple marketplaces
  • Automated suggestions for keyword targeting based on Amazon’s generated suggestions
  • Detailed analytics and reporting tools to evaluate campaign performance
  • Rule-based automation for ad management with “If X, then Y” rules
Runs fully automated adsPricey for small sellers
Reduces time spent on campaign creationUsers must pay for a lot of add-ons
Supports a broad range of Amazon marketplacesLimited support for self-service users

8. Ad Badger

Ad Badger Homepage

As a PPC self-learner, you’ve probably encountered the PPC Den Podcast. The company behind it has developed a proprietary tool, Ad Badger, that seems to offer the right blend of automation and manual control for your Amazon advertising campaigns.

Suitable for sellers of all levels, Ad Badger lets you optimize bids at the click of a button. It can save you from wasting thousands of dollars on the wrong keywords.

Best for: Less tech-savvy sellers across the spectrum

Pricing: Starting from $250/month for new ad accounts that spend <5K/mo on ads.

Top features:

  • Proprietary algorithm for dynamic bid adjustments based on expected Revenue Per Click vs. Cost Per Click
  • Bulk keyword analysis and optimization
  • Daily account scans and negative keyword automation
  • “Never-negative” list to exclude specific search terms from being automatically added as negatives
  • Manual mode for bulk edits
Friendly user interfaceNo free trial
Offers significant time-savingLimited automation rules
Comes with great educational resourcesBids history under development
Good customer support

9. PPC Entourage

PPC Entourage Homepage

As one of the older Amazon PPC campaign management software,  PPC Entourage has been around for a while and is well-known in the field. However, it no longer ranks as high as other similar tools. That’s because it relies on an engine that facilitates bulk changes rather than innovating with rules or AI.

However, for those who prefer to be more involved in the campaign creation and management processes, PPC Entourage is still a solid choice. It scales as you grow, with a percentage of ad spend payment model.

Best for: Growing brands and agencies

Pricing: 2.9% of monthly ad spend across connected accounts, with custom pricing for agencies.

Top features:

  • Pre-designed multi-channel campaign templates
  • Customizable reporting options to track and analyze campaign performance
  • Bulk engine that leverages over 20 modules for bulk management
  • Smart pilot automation based on performance data, with dayparting included
Covers all types of Amazon adsPricing model can become costly for those with high advertising budgets
Eliminates the need for complex spreadsheets or manual adjustmentsNo AI or strong rule automation
Great onboarding and implementation support

10. PPC Ninja

PPC Ninja Homepage

Last but not least, among the top-rated Amazon PPC software is  PPC Ninja, specifically designed for agencies and brands.

This tool addresses the limitations and inefficiencies that come with Amazon’s Advertising Console and Seller Central. Much like PPC Entourage, PPC Ninja also focuses on bulk operations.

In short, it eliminates the need for uploading cumbersome bulk files. Users can easily filter, select, and modify multiple campaign elements within its interface based on specific criteria.

Best for: Sellers familiar with Excel and extensive search term reports


  • The lowest tire costs $199/mo for up to 50 advertised ASINs and 250 rank-tracked keywords.
  • Two other plans are available for $499/mo and $999/mo, all including a 14-day risk-free trial.

Top features:

  • 50+ bulk operations for bid changes, keyword adjustments, etc.
  • Searchable, sortable, and filterable bid history across all campaigns
  • Weekly bid recommendations based on your specified ACoS targets
  • Automated new keyword discovery
  • Detailed search terms and targeting data reports
  • Zero impression keyword discovery
  • Tracks daily PPC sales by ASIN, filling a gap left by Amazon’s reporting tools
Spares you from uploading bulk filesLower tiers may be insufficient, depending on how many ASINs you work with
Offers detailed insights and history tracking
Caters to global sellers

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you make up your mind, check out these frequently asked questions on Amazon PPC software.

Is it Worth it to Automate Amazon Advertising?

Automating Amazon advertising can increase efficiency and optimize campaign performance. It saves you time handling repetitive tasks like keyword harvesting and makes calls for you, such as bid adjustments.

However, automation isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it solution. To maximize your advertising budget, you’ll still need to provide strategic oversight and fine-tune your campaigns based on performance data and market changes.

Can Amazon PPC Software Help in Reducing ACoS?

Amazon PPC software can help reduce ACoS by optimizing bid strategies, refining keyword targeting, and eliminating wasteful ad spend. Exactly how much you can reduce ACoS depends on the software you use, your campaign specifics, and market conditions.

Are There Any Free Amazon PPC Software Tools Available?

PPC tools come with different plans, including free trials, free audit tools, or some basic functionalities like keyword research and ad performance tracking.

These tools can provide valuable insights for beginners or those with limited budgets. However, they do not offer advanced features like automated bid management or detailed analytics.

How Can Amazon PPC Software Impact Sales and Profit Margins?

Amazon PPC software can impact sales and profit margins by streamlining ad campaign management, optimizing bids, and improving keyword targeting. This optimization increases your listings’ visibility and traffic, potentially boosting sales.

Keep in mind that the extent of the impact varies. For optimal results, strategic input and regular adjustments by the user are necessary.

What Support and Training Should I Expect From an Amazon PPC Software Provider?

Amazon PPC software providers often have support and training resources to help you leverage the tool’s capabilities — user manuals, tutorial videos, FAQs, and customer service via email, chat, or phone.

Unfortunately, support is often tied to a specific plan, and the best assistance typically comes with the more expensive tiers.


PPC tools are meant to speed up manual processes.

Before you automate your ad management, you should ensure you’re driving your PPC in the right direction. Otherwise, you’ll only accelerate into a wall and hit it at 2x spend and ACoS.

By the way, you can have low ACoS and still lose money So, if you’re tired of being outbid by competitors and don’t know which way to go, you’ve come to the right place.

Learn how our strategic, 100% human-led bidding techniques at IG PPC can help you crush your category. Step up your PPC game today without worrying about any automation tools!

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