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In mid-November 2023 an Amazon seller in the Licensed Apparel category reached out to us urgently. It was during the peak of the Holiday shopping season. They projected to sell over $20M in merchandise during November and December, and based on their current Amazon sales data, they were not even going to do half of that.

Our Amazon PPC data team sprang into action here is how they were able to save the Holiday season for our client.

The Challenge: 

This Amazon seller contacted us a few weeks into the season, Usually, for an account like that, we’d prepare a strategy a few months in advance, so this was an emergency situation and we needed to get to work FAST. It was already a few weeks into the season with millions of dollars of inventory on the line that needed to sell out within the next few weeks.

The Strategy:

In order to increase sales quickly, we determined that we needed to get Top of Search placement on all of our Amazon Asins on their main keywords and also get them to rank organically. We created hundreds of ranking campaigns for those products. The Amazon PPC account manager and his team worked overtime on the weekends to create those campaigns. Our client had a lot to lose if we were not successful here. We tracked all of those top keywords in Helium 10 and constantly monitored our organic and PPC placement on Amazon.

The results:

Our hard work paid off fairly quickly, and we started seeing an increase in sales instantly as we activated all those campaigns. And Guess what? Because we have done a ton of manual Amazon keyword research for our ad campaigns and not just relied on “black box AI tools” to create campaigns, we were able to decrease their Amazon ACOS as well while ramping up spending. With a lot of hard work, we exceeded the goal for the season and sold $22M of merchandise.

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