Toy Seller


An Amazon toy seller reached out to us at the beginning of 2023 as they had heard great things about IG PPC from a different brand owner. They liked the fact that we only have senior in-house account managers who have a deep understanding of the Amazon algorithm and not just VAs following SOPs.

The Challenge: 

This Amazon brand had no particular challenge; they were happy with their sales but wanted to see if our PPC agency could do anything better.

During the audit, we analyzed their products and main competitors and saw that their Amazon competitors were outselling them on most products.

We had an ambitious goal here. We wanted to become the best seller or second best seller for theft top Amazon Asins.

The Strategy:

We did a deep analysis in brand analytics to see the main keywords that brought sales to their top competitors. We analyzed our clients’ Search Query Performance for their top keywords. We now advised them to add many new keywords to their title and bullet points on their Amazon product pages to get ranked for those terms. As Q4 approached, we started ramping up spending and advised them on making Amazon lightning deals and Best Deals to increase CVR and sales velocity. As the season started, we ranked organically in the top 10 for most of the Amazon keywords we targeted. During the season, our account manager was on the phone daily (!!!) with the client to align strategy and closely monitor the spending and organic ranking.

The results:

Our efforts paid off! In 2023, we did over $30 million in sales vs. $21.5 million in 2022! And we maintained an Acos of 10% for the year!

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