21 ways you can use ChatGPT to help you sell on Amazon.

As you may have seen in the news Chat GPT is all over the place. Experts predict it will cha

As you may have seen in the news Chat GPT is all over the place. Experts predict it will change the world as we know it. While the technology is still in testing phase there are several thing you as an Amazon Seller can make use of Chat GPT to help you with your product listing and Amazon PPC

1. How to write your Amazon Product Title and Bullet points with Chat GPT

Enter the following prompt into ChatGPT prompt

Write 5 bullet points and a product description for an Amazon listing selling Garlic Press

Include the following data in the bullet points.
Product details:
Stainless Steel
Cleaning tool included
Garlic Smasher included

Keywords to mention:
Easy Clean
Stainless steel
Recommended by Chefs
No Rust
Non-slip handle

Bullet point format:
PRODUCT BENEFIT = Detailed description

2. How to write Amazon Headline Ad copy for Sponsored Brands with ChatGPT.

Enter the following prompt in ChatGPT.
Write 100 headlines to convince Amazon customers to buy our sleeping pillow. Keep them to 50 characters each.


3. Write Amazon Captions for Amazon Posts with ChatGPT

Enter the following into ChatGPT prompt.

Write 100 great captions for our sleeping pillow

4. Writing Blog posts for your website with ChatGPT

Ask ChatGPT to write a blog post about your product highlighting x feature and benefits.

Pro tip: Don’t want Google to detect that the blog was written by AI? Enter the blog here https://writer.com/ai-content-detector and if is detected as AI use https://quillbot.com to rewrite it for you, then test again.

5. Generate new Brand Names ideas with ChatGPT.

Enter this into ChatGPT prompt.

Please give me 100 name ideas for a new brand in the kitchen accessory category

You can add if you want a more modern or vintage feel to it.

6. Optimize your existing Amazon listing with ChatGPT.

Enter your existing Title and Bullet points into ChatGPT, now add a list of keywords that are not yet in your listing and ask ChatGPT to rewrite your listing including the new keywords.

7. Writing emails to your Amazon suppliers using ChatGPT.

Jungle Scout shared a great template you can enter in ChatGPT to help you write email to your suppliers.

I am an Amazon seller who sells in the United States. Write a letter to a potential supplier asking if they can manufacture [TYPE OF PRODUCT] according to my specifications: [ENTER SPECS]:

And also, ask the following questions:

  • Are you a manufacturer or a trading company? If you are a manufacturer are you able to create models similar to this Amazon listing [AMAZON LISTING LINK] and the attached photos?
  • What is your best price for this product and please provide an FOB Quotation for the initial trial order of [NUMBER OF UNITS]?
  • What is your lead time for sample and trial order?
  • What is the sample cost with shipping by express mail to [YOUR ADDRESS]?
  • What kind of packaging comes with this product? Does your price include customizing this packaging?
  • Does the price you quoted include adding our logo to the product? If not, what does that cost?
  • What is your preferred method of communication?

Enter this into Chat gpt and have it rewrite the email for you.

8. Negotiate prices with your existing Amazon supplier.

Also shared by Jungle Scout, enter the prompt below to negotiate prices with your supplier.

Write a letter asking my supplier how we can negotiate a better price for my [TYPE OF PRODUCT]. We currently pay [YOUR PRICE] per unit.

9. Do your Amazon Customer Service with ChatGPT

Ever get an email from a customer complaining about your product? Ask ChatGPT to write a nice response to the customer explaining the situation.

10. Get new Amazon Product Ideas with ChatGPT

Ask ChatGPT for product ideas with [Enter Your Category Here]

11. Get Amazon Seller Support with ChatGPT

Write an email to Amazon Seller Support about [Issue] you are facing.

12. Find the best YouTube Channels or Blogs in your niche with ChatGPT

Enter this into ChatGPT.

What are the best YouTube channels for [Your Niche]
What are the best blogs channels for [Your Niche]

13. Respond to a negative Amazon Customer Reviews to offer a refund using ChatGPT.

Amazon now allows contacting customers who left a negative review and give them a refund.

  • Enter the review in Chat gpt and then write this.
  • Write an email to this customer that we are sorry for their experience and we would like to give them a refund. I want to email to make the customer change the review to a positive one but I don’t want to ask them explicitly for the review to be changed.
  • 14. Use ChatGPT on your Amazon competitors negative review to your advantage.

    • Export reviews from Helium10 of your competitor product listing
    • Grab CSV file and copy column F, ‘BODY’
    • Post into ChatGPT and ask to summarize all the positive and negative reviews for the Amazon product listing
    • Then ask ChatGPT to take negative reviews and create benefit statements for each negative.
    • Now take those once negative reviews on competitor listing and add those positive benefits into your listing –> infographics + bullets.
    • Your potential customer who is reading those negatives of your competitor will be compelled to take “add to cart” action
    • Watch your conversion rate & profit soar.

    Credit: Chad Rubin CEO and Founder of Profasee.com

    15. Write a Cease and Desist letter to hijackers with ChatGPT.

    Enter the following in ChatGPT prompt.

    Write a cease and desist letter to an Amazon seller who hijacked my listing, ASIN: [YOUR ASIN] Warn them that they must remove themselves from the buy box within 24 hours or we will open a case with Amazon seller support and have them removed, which may cause their selling account to be suspended or terminated.

    Credit: Jungle Scout

    16. Write cold email to influencers to promote your product with ChatGPT.

    Enter into the prompt

    Write a nice email to influencers saying that I love their content in the [Your niche here] space and I would like to offer a discount on our [Your niche here] brand to their audience and give them a few free products to review.

    17. Use ChatGPT to write Contracts

    If you need a simple contract between a supplier, employee, or service provider Chat gpt can help! Don’t use this instead of a lawyer! This is not legal advice. This is just for use cases you wouldn’t have hired an attorney and just written an email instead. Up your game and write out the other parties responsibilities and finish by asking please include in this an NDA and confidentiality agreement.

    18. Write a Brand Tagline with ChatGPT

    Enter this in prompt to get 50 Taglines for your brand.

    Please write 50 nice taglines for our sleeping pillow brand

    19. Create an Email marketing campaign for your Amazon product with ChatGPT

    Write a marketing email to your email list for any occasion.

    Use prompt below

    Please write a nice email to our audience that we offer 30% on [Your Niche] brand for Valentines day. Add some scarcity to the email.

    20. Write a Amazon Case Study with ChatGPT

    Write a case study for your Amazon Product listing or for social media.

    Enter into prompt

    Write a nice case study of how our super soft sleeping pillows helped someone perform better at work

    Enter your product and the problem you are trying to solve.

    21. Summarize blogs and content.

    You can paste in an entire blog and ask ChatGPT to summarize it for you in a simple way that a 10 year old can understand. This will save you time and effort.

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