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(For Sellers) Walmart Advertising Strategy in 5 Steps

Over 150,000 merchants compete daily for their buyers’ attention on Walmart, one of the wo

Over 150,000 merchants compete daily for their buyers’ attention on Walmart, one of the world’s largest retail marketplaces. As an online seller, your best shot at standing out and reaching more qualified leads is having a strong Walmart Advertising strategy.

For those who know how to stand out, the platform offers a massive opportunity to boost sales, with millions of shoppers searching through its online storefront. Walmart advertising can seem complex at first.

This blog will walk you through a proven Walmart Ads strategy, which will help you gain a competitive advantage and skyrocket your revenue.

TL;DR – 5-Step Walmart Advertising Strategy

Unsure how to make the most of your limited budget while advertising on Walmart?

Here’s our 5-step advertising strategy to follow for assured growth and success (we’ll discuss each in detail in the blog):

  1. Optimize product copy (titles and description)
  2. Target the “Buy Box” ad placement
  3. Leverage Walmart’s massive first-party data
  4. Once you’ve marketed, remarket!
  5. Aim for more positive customer reviews

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Walmart Marketing Strategy vs. Walmart Advertising Strategy

Walmart marketing is the strategy for getting your products in front of people who will buy them consistently. It’s all about creating a strong brand, identifying your target audience, and spreading a compelling message. 

Conversely, advertising is part of it—powerful, maybe, but not the entire strategy. Knowing when to spend on sponsored ads or promote organic growth via competitive pricing and positive reviews is essential.

Note that a well-rounded Walmart strategy involves both marketing and advertising.

On that note, here are some key parameters to help you decide:

ParametersWalmart Marketing StrategyWalmart Advertising Strategy
GoalsBuilding long-term brand awareness and customer loyaltyBoosting short-term sales
Improve visibility for specific products
Waiting period for results2-3 months2 weeks minimum
Return on investmentCannot be measured directly
Creates a major impact on brand image and CLTV
Can be tracked by measuring impressions, clicks, and conversions
When to prioritizeWhile launching a new brand/product
Revamping the brand
Quick sales boost
Promoting seasonal best-sellers
Ease of implementationComparatively difficultEasy to implement
ScalabilityCan be scaled over time with consistent effort and investmentHighly scalable, based on performance

Now, let’s look at how to set up your first Walmart ads campaign.

How to Advertise on Walmart

Advertising on Walmart is easier than you might imagine.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of how to begin:

Step 1: Sign Up as a Walmart Marketplace Seller

Before implementing a Walmart advertising strategy, you must have legitimate products to sell on the platform. To get started, first apply to be a Walmart Marketplace seller. Simply enter your business information to start listing your product catalog.

Step 2: Create Your Product Listings

Walmart Marketplace suggests you should include nearly a hundred items.

On that note, the platform provides sellers with two options to list their products:

  • Full item spec: For sellers wanting to create 100% original, non-identical product listings
  • Setup by match: For sellers offering products similar to the ones already available on Walmart

Use high-quality product images and captivating product descriptions, and set reasonable prices. The better your listings, the more tempting they will be to buyers, and the more effective your marketing will be.

Step 3: Request Access to Advertising

After your listings are live, you can apply for access to Walmart Connect, the retailer’s advertising platform. Visit their “Start Advertising” page to create an account, and fill out the form with important seller details.

Don’t worry if you don’t hear from them within 24 hours. Walmart usually sends a confirmation email within five business days.

Step 4: Participate in a Walmart Advertising Webinar (optional)

Walmart offers free seminars to teach you how to advertise on their platform.

While optional, these webinars are packed with helpful information and advice. They will help you with campaign setup, budget optimization, understanding different ad formats, and more.

Step 5: Plan Your First Campaign

Once approved, log onto Walmart Ad Center and click the “Create Campaign” button. For better understanding, start with a simple, clear, and descriptive campaign name.

Ensure to clear the following doubts before you go any further:

  • What’s your campaign type?
  • What targeting tactic will you use?
  • What’s your ad spend budget and timeline?

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5-Step Walmart Advertising Strategy

Struggling to increase sales at Walmart? Having excellent products is not enough. You need to promote them to the most relevant audiences right when they’re ready to buy.

We’ve got you covered with a 5-step strategy to boost your marketplace sales:

1. Optimize Product Copy (Titles and Description)

Your product copy is the first thing buyers come across when searching for relevant items. 

Make sure you’re creating an amazing first impression with words – here’s how:

  • Clear and concise: Always include relevant, high-performing keywords that buyers actively search to rank your product organically.
  • Persuasive tone: Don’t worry about features; communicate your product’s main benefits. Is it addressing your buyers’ pain points? Does it offer anything they wouldn’t find elsewhere? Build an emotional connection.

To attract your buyers even more, use high-quality product images—clicked from different angles with proper light setup—along with professionally designed infographics.

2. Target the “Buy Box” Ad Placement

The Walmart “Buy Box” is a prime advertising spot on the platform’s product pages, allowing customers to directly “Add to Cart” hassle-free.

However, winning the “Buy Box” placement depends on how you’re setting your prices (shipping charges included). Simply put, the lowest prices convert the most buyers.

Here are a few things to check while you’re targeting this placement:

  • Maintain enough inventory at all times
  • Meet (or better, exceed) the estimated shipping time
  • Make sure your seller page has enough positive customer reviews

Data suggests that buy boxes account for 82% of sales, which means that if you win this ad placement, you dramatically enhance your chances of closing a sale.

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3. Leverage Walmart’s Massive First-Party Data

As a seller, you must actively study consumer behavior and trends to target the right demographic at the right time.

Fortunately, Walmart Performance Ads gives you access to the platform’s massive first-party database. This data can help adjust your ad targeting and make your campaigns more effective. You’ll learn which keywords are effective, which demographics your products appeal to, and how to make the most of your ads budget.

4. Once You’ve Marketed, Remarket!

Remarketing targets people who have already expressed interest in your products by visiting your Walmart product pages or adding things to their cart.

These ads reinforce your brand messaging and keep your products top-of-mind for the future. Since remarketing focuses on re-engaging people already familiar with your brand/products, it’s often less expensive than acquiring new customers.

Besides being cost-effective, these campaigns have higher click-through and conversion rates than standard ad campaigns, leading to a higher ROI.

5. Aim for More Positive Customer Reviews

At Walmart, positive reviews act as your social proof.

They help establish trust among potential buyers and increase your product’s ranking. According to Forbes, 49% of customers trust positive reviews as much as a close friend or relative’s direct recommendation to decide whether to purchase a product.

That said, motivate satisfied customers to write reviews and respond thoughtfully to any negative criticism you receive.

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Tips to Drive More Sales on Walmart Marketplace

Are you looking for more tips to remain fiercely competitive and consistently increase sales on Walmart?

Here are some key points to follow:

  • Share of Voice (SOV): Pay close attention to your competitors’ ads; if you don’t appear alongside them, you’re losing future customers.
  • Weekend marketing: Remember, people go shopping on weekends, too. Run targeted ads with higher bids during these peak buying hours.
  • Mobile-First: Many Walmart customers browse on smartphones. Optimize product photos and titles for small displays to improve mobile conversions.
  • The 2-Week Rule: Collect at least two weeks of data before making major revisions to your ad campaigns. You should be patient; fluctuations are normal early on.
  • Product bundles: Make bundles or kits that offer value and convenience to raise the average order value.
  • The “clearance” Strategy: Occasionally provide smart discounts or clearance deals; it can boost traffic and reduce inventory.

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Common Walmart Advertising Mistakes to Avoid

Now that we’ve discussed what to do for maximized sales, here are some common rookie mistakes you must avoid while advertising on Walmart:

Mistake #1: Consistently Running Manual Campaigns

Manual campaigns offer excellent control, but it isn’t always an ideal place to start.

Why this matters: Picking the right keywords and managing bids strategically is crucial for manual campaigns.

If you’re new to Walmart marketing or introducing a new product, automatic campaigns can be a great way to learn. They help identify high-performing keyword phrases and gather data that can further guide your manual ads.

The solution: Begin with a mix of automated and manual campaigns. Once you have discovered your target audience with automation, go to manual campaigns to improve productivity and fine-tune your targeting.

Mistake #2: Incorporating all SKUs into Your Campaigns

Putting all products in your ads (without regard for individual performance) is a recipe for disaster.

Why this matters: Some things inherently sell better than others. Focus your advertising budget on high-potential products. You don’t want to waste money on goods with minimal ROI.

The solution: Make your best-performing items the top priority. Analyze sales data to find top sellers and high profit margins. Give these high-performing campaigns a larger percentage of your advertising spend.

Mistake #3: Spending Your Ad Budget without Planning

Beginning advertising without a clear plan/strategy is a surefire way to burn your Ad budget and get zero results.

Why this matters: A clear plan guarantees your advertising budget is aligned with your business goals. You risk overspending on poor campaigns or missing major opportunities without a plan.

The solution: Set specific objectives (e.g., boost sales, improve brand visibility) and create a budget to support them. Specify which campaigns should receive whatever amount of ad spend, then analyze the results to figure out what’s working.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Before we leave, here are some of your most frequently asked questions about Walmart advertising strategy:

What Are the Different Advertising Options Available to Sellers on Walmart?

Sellers can reach customers at various points of their purchase journey with the following Walmart ad types:

  • Sponsored Products: Your product will appear directly in search results and product pages for relevant queries, putting it in front of active buyers.
  • Sponsored Brands: These feature your logo, a personalized headline, and best-selling items at the top of search results, increasing brand awareness.
  • Display Ads: These ads garner potential buyers’ attention on different pages of Walmart’s website; excellent for showing bigger product lines or seasonal best-sellers.

How Does Walmart’s Sponsored Products Feature Work for Sellers?

A well-optimized Sponsored Products campaign can significantly boost your product’s visibility and clicks, leading to greater sales. When you bid on keywords relevant to your product, it will appear first in search results for customers who use those phrases. It’s a pay-per-click system, so you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

How Much Does it Cost to Advertise as a Seller on Walmart?

Walmart’s advertising is incredibly flexible. You take charge of your spending and set daily caps to avoid overshooting your budget.

Your ad campaign costs depend on your goals, the competition for your chosen keywords, and a few other criteria. On the bright side, you have complete transparency and control over your spending.

What Tools Does Walmart Offer to Help Sellers Manage Their Ad Campaigns?

Walmart Connect is where sellers can plan, manage, and track their advertising campaigns effectively.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Campaign Creation: Select the right keywords, specify your target demographic, and quickly create different ad campaigns.
  • Performance Tracking: Get detailed information about your campaign’s performance (impressions, clicks, and conversions).
  • Reporting: Download reports to analyze data and fine-tune your strategy.
  • Automation Options: Select automatic bidding (in which Walmart optimizes your bids) or manual bid amounts.


Don’t let Walmart’s massive marketplace scare you.

With a clear approach and these strategies, you can maximize sales and 10x revenue with well-targeted Walmart ads. Focusing on continuous improvement and incorporating a data-driven strategy is the secret to long-term success – whether you’re an experienced seller or just starting.

Ready to boost your Walmart sales but unsure where to begin?

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