What is Amazon Brand Tailored Promotion? A Comprehensive Guide and Best Practices

What is Amazon Brand Tailored Promotion? A Comprehensive Guide and Best Practice Amazon intr

What is Amazon Brand Tailored Promotion? A Comprehensive Guide and Best Practice

Amazon introduced “Amazon Customer Engagement” last year, Which allows Brands to engage with Amazon shoppers based on customers’ engagement points on Amazon’s website and who follow their store or brand. Now, with the Tailored Audiences tool, sellers can also email any customers who have purchased their brand in the past twelve months.

Amazon sellers have asked Amazon for years to allow them to send marketing emails to their customers in addition to basic transactional emails post-purchase since custom email marketing has a higher conversion rate than other marketing mediums

This new Brand tailored promotion allows Amazon sellers to connect with customers in a more meaningful way and build a more personalized relationship with their customers.

Since piloting our Amazon Customer Engagement tool last year, you asked for new capabilities for you to reach customers.

Which customers can you target with Brand Tailored Promotions?

Amazon has 6 customer segments you can target with Brand tailored promos.

  1. Brand Cart Abandoners – Customers who have added any of your products to their shopping cart within the past 90 days but have not made a purchase.
  2. Brand Followers – People who are followers of your brand on Amazon
  3. High Spend Customers – The highest spending 5% of your customers in the last 12 months
  4. Potential New Customers – Customers who’ve clicked on your brand, Amazon storefront, and products or added products to their cart within 90 days but have not yet purchased
  5. Recent Customers – The most recent 5% of your customers
  6. Repeat Customers – Customers who have purchased more than 1 order from your brand in the last 12 months.

As a marketer, this is a big deal and could be a game changer for Amazon sellers

Brand tailored promotion dashboard
Brand tailored promotion dashboard

What is the cost of Brand Tailored Promotions?

Amazon Brand tailored promotion is free, just like the customer engagement tool released in 2023.

Are there any restrictions on using Brand tailored promotions?

You will need to offer a minimum of 10% discount.

Brand-tailored promotions can only be open for 90 days.

Can my Brand tailored promotions be combined with other coupons?

Yes, Any promotion or coupon will stack on top of the tailored promotion. So be careful.

How do I get to the brand-tailored promotion dashboard?

Advertising > Brand Tailored promotions

How long does it take for a brand-tailored promotion to go live?

It can take 24 to 48 hours for Amazon to approve your promotions. Plan accordingly.

Where will customers see my brand-tailored promo?

Promo will be displayed on Amazon listing and product pages.

What are the best practices for Amazon Brand Tailored Promotions

Brand Tailored Promotions can potentially be extremely effective for brands. In my opinion, here are some best practices going forward for using Brand Tailored Promotions:

Make use of abandoned carts and recent purchase customer segments these segments have been proven to have great conversation rates for e-commerce it’s the go-to segment for most e-commerce marketers.

Since Amazon restricts Brand tailored promotions for 90 days, You will need to re-create your campaigns after every 90 days.

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