Why it’s Better to Use an Amazon PPC Management Agency than Doing it In-House

First lets start with, What is Amazon PPC management? Amazon PPC management is the process o

First lets start with, What is Amazon PPC management?

Amazon PPC management is the process of running, optimizing, and improving your Amazon pay-per-click campaigns. To have a successful Amazon advertizing campaign you need to have the knowledge, experience and to manage them effectively to ensure they operate profitably.

If you sell private label products, marketing your product on Amazon is essential for visibility in the crowded Amazon marketplace.

Managing PPC is very technical and requires frequent attention to ensure the campaigns perform according to your goals. There’s a lot involved from budgeting, keyword adjustings, keyword targeting. Watching your Acos and much more.

This is why many Amazon sellers often choose to hire an agency to manage their campaigns.

Whether you are new in Amazon marketplace or you have been selling for awhile but just starting out with Amazon sponsored ads, figuring out a strategy and then maintaining it in a constant changing and competitive Amazon marketplace can be a challenge, therefore many Amazon 3rd party sellers choose an Amazon PPC management agency to create and maintain their Amazon PPC campaigns.


What You Should Expect from an Amazon PPC Management Service Agency


A good Amazon PPC agency will have the PPC expertise and right tools to do quality research on your competition and come up with a strategy on how to do your campaigns. and they will follow through with your questions

Campaign setup

Setting up an Amazon PPC campaign can be tedious and a bit of a challenge it can bog down a lot of resources in your company. Until you catch a small mistake for instance with a keyword setup it can cost your company lots of money. with a keyword can cost you


Every campaign when you start out is missing a lot of data but as the campaign keeps running you can start to analyze for instance the Amazon sponsored ad clicks, purchases, which keyword or keyword combo work best, Hiring an experienced Amazon PPC agency for your Sponsored ads will give you peace of mind that experienced eyes are looking out for your Amazon products.

Regular reporting & communication

An experienced Amazon PPC Agency will have great communication skills they will be able to explain to you in simple terms the entire complexity of their strategy, they will keep you updated you on any changes and will deliver you regular reporting on your sponsored ads.

A strong partnership

Hiring a great Amazon PPC agency will develop into a strong partnership. They will become an extension to you and your employees you will be able to asked them questions in other areas in Amazon 3rd party selling. like product development, pricing etc.

5 questions you should ask any Amazon PPC agency before hiring them.

1) Increased Revenue

Will you be able to increase my Amazon sales? A great PPC agency should have the expertise and sales data in how to do it, depending on your industry the best Amazon PPC agencies are known to double sales regularly at a minimum.

2) Better ROI

Will you be able to give me a better ROI for my Amazon Sponsored ads that what I am currently having>

3) Save Time

How much time will it save me by hiring an Agency?

4) Amazon PPC Expertise

How long have they been doing this? Are they a dedicated Amazon PPC Agency or just a general PPC agency? What type of clients do they serve? What are the sizes of their Amazon PPC sellers? Will I be able to outperform my competition?

5) Scalability

How fast can they scale their Amazon PPC Campaigns to your business growth?


Why you should hire IG-PPC?

IG-PPC is a dedicated Amazon PPC Agency and is managing 100’s of clients and managing over 200 million in Amazon sales. We regularly increase sales for new clients by over 1000%. We have long a strong client relationship. We communicate well and keep you informed. We have the longest customer retention in the industry.

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