Amazon Prime Big Deal Days Event: How 3rd Party Sellers Can Increase Their Amazon Sales

At the end of July, post-Prime-Day, Amazon announced the “Amazon Big Deal Days Event” sc

At the end of July, post-Prime-Day, Amazon announced the “Amazon Big Deal Days Event” scheduled for mid-October. It’s an exclusive Amazon Prime members-only sales event to start the Q4 shopping season.

The first thing you should know is Amazon’s Big Deal Days Event is not another Prime Day you might be disappointed if you treat it as such. Last year Amazon held a similar mid-October sales event called “Prime Early Access Sale (PEAS) and according to Guru Hariharan CEO of CommerceIQ the data showed “Overall we saw the PEAS October 2022 to be ~33% lower on traffic and 45% lower on OPS (Ordered Product Sales) vs. Prime Day July 2022.”

Now that we have some expectations, here are some things you should plan with your Amazon marketing team or with your Amazon marketing Agency if you use one. Even with lower sales than prime-day, there is a huge increase in Traffic and sales on Amazon, so with proper planning, you can take advantage of this sales event.

Here is a checklist of how Amazon sellers should prepare for the Amazon Prime Big Deal Days Event


Create an Amazon 2023 Holiday promotional calendar

First, treat this event as part of the overall Amazon 2023 Holiday shopping season like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, New Year’s day, etc. Create an Amazon 2023 Holiday promotional marketing calendar and try to each of these shopping days presents. different opportunities for different products. Some items you may want to promote now and some for the future Amazon holiday shopping days.

Check your Stock Levels

Even if you don’t plan to give any discount make sure you have enough stock because with increased traffic come increased orders so check your stock before prime-big deals-sales-event.

Offer Prime Exclusive Discount

For the items you would like to discount lower the price via Amazon Brand Tailored promotion which will create a “Prime exclusive discount” for Amazon Prime customers on their product and listing pages. Since this is a sales event exclusive to Amazon Prime members it will give the customers a sense of exclusivity.

Here is a comprehensive guide on Brand Tailor Promotion

Merchandise your store

Merchandise your Amazon store page, Customers are going to look at your store page when checking out your product, so make sure you provide them with a unique shopping experience, Highlight your popular and seasonal products. Update your store graphics, etc. Just like your 2023 Amazon holiday shopping calendar planning try to schedule updates for your Amazon store for each of the holiday’s main shopping events.

Optimize your product listing

It doesn’t matter if you give a discount or not having a bad Amazon listing will lower conversion rates. So go ahead and optimize all your listing pages it’s anyways good to do it before the Q4 holiday season. A good optimized listing page will increase your product listing SEO.

For more on this, Read: Amazon SEO: How to Optimize and Rank Your Product Listings Higher on Amazon Searches

Have a PPC strategy:

Just like Amazon Prime Day preparations you need a unique strategy for Amazon-sponsored products. Some Amazon sellers will need to increase their spend, increase bids, or do nothing at all. It all depends on the products you sell and the goals you set. You can read our Amazon Prime-Day PPC Strategy guide and follow a similar approach.

Measure last year’s data

Look at last year’s Amazon Prime Early Access Sale (PEAS) event, see which items sold and which not which promotion worked and which did not, learn from your successes and failures, and set this year’s Amazon marketing goals accordingly.

Measure success

Each and every Amazon seller has different ways to measure success based on their unique product offerings. So it’s important to set proper KPI goals. One Amazon seller might want to push higher sales volume so they may lower prices and sacrifice profits, Another seller might be looking for new customers so they will increase their PPC budget, and or bids, and another seller might be looking for repeat customers so they may offer a coupon. It’s important to know your goals and set up your KPIs to measure and achieve them.


Amazon’s Big Deal Days Event presents a lucrative opportunity for Amazon sellers to boost their sales and reach new customers. However, the intense competition and increased consumer demand require a holistic well-structured marketing strategy for that encompasses many of Amazon’s suite of marketing and merchandising from your Amazon PPC campaigns, Store merchandising, product optimization, promotions, inventory management, and more.

If you need help in planning your Amazon PPC and Marketing campaign for the Q4 holiday shopping season don’t hesitate to contact us, We have achieved for many of our clients triple-digit sale increases. With a dedicated team with years of Amazon marketing experience, you may achieve the same success. PPC for SaaS Marketing: 8 Strategies to Boost Your B2B Campaigns

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